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Paul Gauguin Notecard Wallet


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Format: Boxed Folio
Pages: 10 notecards with envelopes (2 designs, 5 of each)
Size: 7.50 x 5.00 inches

ISBN: 9780764958939
TB Code: 1407202
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Paul Gauguin (1848–1903) was the ultimate global traveler, sailing in the South Pacific and living in Peru, Paris, Martinique, and Tahiti, among other places. The exhibition features many of his iconic paintings, on loan from around the world—ranging from scenes of religious life near the artist's colony of Pont-Aven in Brittany to the colorful, exotic canvases depicting the people and the tropical flora and fauna of the islands of French Polynesia, where he moved to escape European civilization. In Tahiti, he immersed himself in its fast-disappearing Maori culture to invest his art with deeper meaning, ritual, and myth, a fusion that continues to mesmerize audiences worldwide.