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Picture of Felix Vallotton/The Ball Thank You Notecards

Felix Vallotton/The Ball Thank You Notecards


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Format: Boxed
Pages: 10 Notecards with envelopes
Size: 5.50 x 4.00 inches

ISBN: 9780764954931
TB Code: 1407211
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In this bird’s-eye view of a park, a running child makes a bright splash of light against the broad ocher stretch of ground and the deep shade of the trees. Chasing a red ball, he is wearing a yellow hat with a red ribbon, and a mop of blond hair escapes from under the brim. His little boots are a dull orange, his white smock is buttoned at the back and floats behind him in the wind. The Ball is one of the best-known paintings by Félix Vallotton, a Swiss-born painter who was closely associated with the Nabis.