Skyliners (Board Game)

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Pub Date: 2015
Format: Board Game
Size: 11.50 x 12.00 inches

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Skyliners is a game of building skyscrapers floor by floor to create the best skyline for yourself. Over the course of the game, players build a city full of skyscrapers, while each tries to keep the largest share of the construction profits for themselves. To do so, you’ll need to construct your floors so that you can see more buildings and parks from your point of view than your opponents can from theirs. Players score points based on what they can see from their side of the table, which opens all sorts of intriguing tactical choices. Do you improve your own skyline, or do you block another player’s view? Better yet, is there a way to do both?

Contents: Rulebook, 76 Floors, 40 Antennas, 8 Roofs, 5 Parks, 40 Cards, 12 Scoring Seagulls, 1 Planning Office