Make a Joyful Noise

Renaissance Art and Music at Florence Cathedral
by Gary M. Radke
Yale Univ Pr

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Pub Date: 2014
Format: Hardback with color illus.
Pages: 95 pp.
Size: 7.75 x 12.25 inches

ISBN: 9780300209181
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Florence Cathedral, familiarly called Il Duomo, is an architectural masterpiece and home to celebrated works of art. The interrelationship between the brilliant art and architecture and the Cathedral’s musical program is explored in depth in this beautiful book. Perhaps the most beloved example is Luca della Robbia’s sculptural program for the organ loft, comprising ten sculptural relief panels that depict children singing, dancing, and making music. Luca’s charming sculptures are examined alongside luxurious illuminated manuscripts commissioned for musical performances. Essays by distinguished scholars provide new insights into the original function and meaning of Luca’s sculptures; organs and organists during the 15th century; the roles played by women and girls—as well as men and boys—in making music throughout Renaissance Florence; and the Cathedral’s illuminated choir books.