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El Greco's Pentecost In a New Context

Edited by Leticia Ruiz Gómez
Meadows Museum

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Pub Date: 2010
Format: Hardback with color illus.
Pages: 127 pp.
Size: 9.50 x 12.00 inches

ISBN: 9780578060668
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The exhibition catalogue for El Greco's offers a renewed look at El Greco's famous rendering of Pentecost for the altarpiece of the Colegio for Doña María de Áragon in Madrid Through and array of interdisciplinary scholarship in the area of history, art history, religion and restoration, this publication profiles the role of the painting and it's artist by examining the soci-cultural environment of the age. Contributors to the richly illustrated volume include Dr. Leticia Ruiz Gómez and Mr. Rafael Alonso of the Prado Museum, Dr. Richard L. Kagan of the Johns Hopkins University, and Dr. Hilarie Kalendorf of Texas A&M University.