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Alchemy of Desire: A Story, A Family, and an Italian Passion
Edited by Cristina Morozzi

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Pub Date: 2014
Format: Hardback with color illus.
Pages: 236 pp.
Size: 10.00 x 12.50 inches

ISBN: 9780847842834
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Marking the company's ninetieth anniversary, this lushly illustrated volume showcases Damiani's tradition of creative and beautifully crafted jewelry-the best of Italian style. Damiani jewelry represents the highest expression of Italian style: unique pieces created with passion and craftsmanship for three generations. Founded in 1924 by Enrico Grassi Damiani, personal jeweler to the nobility, the company celebrates its ninetieth anniversary with a lavishly designed volume that focuses on tradition, craftsmanship, and creativity. Today, Damiani's clientele includes many highly visible celebrities around the world. Creativity, design, and entrepreneurship are the key elements that have driven the Damiani family for nearly a century, together with a deep passion for their art. Strengthened by decades of tradition, the Damiani Group has always been renowned for the quality of its products and materials and for the exclusive design of its collections.