British Ceramics 1675-1825

The Mint Museum
by Brian D. Gallagher, Barbara Stone Perry, Leticia Roberts, Diana Edwards and Pat A. Halfpenny
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Pub Date: 2015
Format: Hardback with bw & color illus.
Pages: 272 pp.
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ISBN: 9781907804366
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The Mint Museum’s collection of British ceramics is one the best and largest in the United States, numbering over two thousand items. It boasts objects from all the major centers of production: Wedgwood, Chelsea, Worcester and Staffordshire. The collection is remarkable for its vast range and includes salt-glazed stoneware, lead-glazed earthenware, creamware, and soft- and hard-paste porcelain. This important and visually stunning new publication features two hundred highlights selected on account of their rarity, craftsmanship, or as important examples of particular methods of production or decoration. There are scholarly entries, two illustrated essays on the collection, and a bibliography.