Karabakh (Bilingual Edition)

Il Giardino Segreto / The Secret Garden
by Graziella Vigo
Marsilio Editori

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Pub Date: 2014
Format: Hardback with color illus.
Pages: 237 pp.
Size: 9.25 x 12.00 inches

ISBN: 9788831716376
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A photographic portrait of the country of the impossible. A little known part of Armenia, Karabakh has been fought over for centuries. This lush, green mountainous region is made up of unexplored forests, timeless villages, and two cities that were once capitals in different ages. In short, a last, unforgettable paradise.Over the centuries, Karabakh was roamed by nomads from the east, who preferred to make its gardens and orchards into pastures for sheep and goats. Little has changed from the country of 2,000 years ago, when it was inhabited by the first Christian ethnic group of sedentary farmers and herders. The photographs by Graziella Vigo tell of a still-visible original peasant life. The women carry the burden of history, while in some villages inhabited by Greeks, the men seem to be direct descendants of the heroes of the stories.