Picture of Kommando


German Special Forces of World War Two
by James Lucas
Frontline Books

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Pub Date: 2014
Format: Paperback
Pages: 245 pp.
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ISBN: 9781848327375
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At sea, flotillas of manned torpedoes and explosive motor boats were introduced. In the air, the world's first operational jet planes were grouped into special squadrons in an effort to cripple the US air offensive. On the ground, battalions of overage men set out on foot or on bicycles towards Berlin to protect the city from the Soviet Army's tank armadas. In other parts of Germany the Werewolf was recruiting and training young people to carry out partisan warfare. Then there were the children of the Hitler Youth, some not even in their 'teens, who committed acts of sabotage against military installations and attacked British and Americans soldiers.

Packed with useful detail and incisive analysis, this is one of the fullest and most accessible accounts of Germany's Special Forces and their efforts to stave off impending military defeat.