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Picture of Susan Hiller

Susan Hiller

by Ann Gallagheri
Tate Gallery Pubn

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Pub Date: 2011
Format: Paperback with bw & color illus.
Pages: 192 pp.
Size: 8.75 x 10.75 inches

ISBN: 9781854378880
TB Code: 1903195
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This book is the most thorough and up-to-date survey of the work of Susan Hiller, one of most influential artists of her generation. Moving fluidly between film, audio, video, and projection, and drawing on found materials such as wallpaper, postcards, and audio interviews, Hiller’s large-scale installations have done much in recent decades to redefine what a work of art can be. Much of her work is centered on the subconscious mind and ideas of the paranormal, exploring close encounters, automatic writing, and extrasensory perception, among other subjects. This enthralling survey of her entire career, published to accompany a major Tate exhibition, includes a conversation between the critics Guy Brett and Yves-Alan Bois, and the artist.