Picture of Major League Baseball Profiles, 1871-1900 volume 2

Major League Baseball Profiles, 1871-1900 volume 2

The Hall of Famers and Memorable Personalities Who Shaped the Game
by David Nemec and David Ball
Bison Books

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Pub Date: 2011
Format: Paperback
Pages: 550 pp.
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ISBN: 9780803235328
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In its infancy, major league baseball was anyone’s game, open to a dizzying array of rogues and scamps, athletic giants and captains of industry, hustlers, managers, and umpires who transformed club-based teams into the first professional federations with formalized rules—and commercial considerations. This two-volume work—with its profiles of every key contributor to the major league game from May 4, 1871, through December 31, 1900—is truly “inside baseball.”

Volume 2 features Hall of Famers who played in the era, as well as twenty other figures who aren’t yet enshrined but arguably should be because of their considerable impact on the game. It also profiles early day baseball’s crooks, madcaps, homicide victims, suicides, and missing persons, in addition to the managers, team owners, and umpires who helped give the game its structure and shape.