Picture of Clive


Founder of British India
by C. Brad Faught
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Pub Date: 2013
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Clive is a fascinating and important historical figure: a lowly company employee who rose to great heights; an informally trained military commander who led company and local Indian troops to a series of stirring victories over local rivals who were supported by the French; a grasping politician who used his great wealth to secure a prominent social position; and, finally, a hounded society notable who, plagued by illness, allegedly took his own life.

No one in the early days of the British ventures in India was as well known or as controversial as Clive became. In our own day, when empire and globalism are witnessed and talked about with ease, Clive’s position as both a servant of the East India Company—which developed into the world’s largest transnational trading company at the time—and an agent of imperialism makes him a surprisingly resonant figure.