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Rereading the Conquest

Power, Politics,and the History of Early Colonial Michoacan, Mexico, 1521-1565
by James Krippner-Martnez
Pennsylvania State Univ Pr

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Pub Date: 2003
Format: Paperback
Pages: 236 pp.
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ISBN: 9780271023373
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Combining social history with literary criticism, James Krippner-Martinez shows how a historiographically sensitive rereading of contemporaneous documents concerning the sixteenth-century Spanish conquest and evangelization of Michoacan, and of later writings using them, can challenge traditional celebratory interpretations of missionary activity in early colonial Mexico. The book offers a fresh look at religion, politics, and the writing of history by employing a poststructuralist method that engages the exclusions as well as the content of the historical record. The moments of doubt, contradiction, and ambiguity thereby uncovered lead to deconstructing a coherent conquest narrative that continues to resonate in our present age.