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Finding Kluskap

A Journey into Mi'kmaw Myth
by Jennifer Reid
Pennsylvania State Univ Pr

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Pub Date: 2013
Format: Hardback
Pages: 122 pp.
Size: 6.50 x 9.50 inches

ISBN: 9780271060682
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Finding Kluskap brings together years of historical research and learning among Mi’kmaw peoples on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The author’s long-term relationship with Mi’kmaw friends and colleagues provides a unique vantage point for scholarship, one shaped not only by personal relationships but also by the cultural, intellectual, and historical situations that inform postcolonial peoples. The picture that emerges when Saint Anne, Kluskap, and the mission are considered in concert with one another is one of the sacred life as a site of adjudication for both the meaning and efficacy of religion—and the impact of modern history on contemporary indigenous religion.