Picture of A-Z of Arabic-English-Arabic Translation (Bilingual Edition)

A-Z of Arabic-English-Arabic Translation (Bilingual Edition)

by Ronak Husni and Daniel L. Newman
Saqi Books

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Pub Date: 2013
Format: Paperback
Pages: 314 pp.
Size: 6.25 x 9.25 inches

ISBN: 9780863568855
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The A to Z highlights common pitfalls faced by translators working on both Arabic-English and English-Arabic texts. Each translation problem is carefully contextualized and illustrated with examples drawn from contemporary literature and the media. Using a comparative analysis approach, the authors discuss grammatical, lexical and semantic translation issues, and offer guidance regarding correct and idiomatic usage. A much-needed addition to the field for university-level students of translation and professional translators alike, the A to Z has been designed with a view to * developing and honing skills in translating between Arabic and English * enhancing idiomatic expression in both languages; * raising awareness of problems specific to Arabic-English and English-Arabic translation; * increasing competency by providing appropriate strategies for effective translation. Alphabetic arrangement of the entries ensures ease of use as both a manual and a reference work. As such, the A to Z is eminently suited for both independent and classroom use.