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Picture of Forging A Modern Identity

Forging A Modern Identity

Masters of American Painting Born after 1847: American Paintings in the Detroit Institute of Arts, Vol. III
Edited by James W. Tottis
D Giles Ltd

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Pub Date: 2005
Format: Hardback with color illus.
Pages: 303 pp.
Size: 9.50 x 12.50 inches

ISBN: 9781904832065
TB Code: 1905252
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The American art collection at Detroit covers a broad range of artistic endeavours, but the strength of the American holdings is the painting collection. Especially strong are those paintings from the latter part of the 19th century and the beginnings of the 20th, which are the focus of this volume.

Signature works featured in this book include Sargent's Madame Paul Poirson and Mosquito Nets, Chase's Yield of the Waters, Hassam's Place Centrale and Fort Cabanas, Havana, Dewing's The Recitation, Sloan's McSorley's Bar, and Hartley's Log Jam, Penobscot Bay.