Picture of Great Comedies and Tragedies

Great Comedies and Tragedies

by William Shakespeare
Wordsworth Editions Ltd

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Pub Date: 2005
Format: Paperback
Pages: 896 pp.
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ISBN: 9781840221459
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The Comedies with Introductions by Judith Buchanan These Comedies are among the best loved of Shakespeare's plays. In each a problem emerges, is then intensified to a point of maximum confusion and potential upset, before the chaos is resolved, however improbably, into general goodwill and a spate of marriages. The triumph of these plays lies in the way they mingle humorous stage business and dexterous word play with a more serious study of identity, gender, dreaming, the meaning of love, even of the theatre itself. They reassure us that with all its faults, the world will always in the end be redeemable.