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Picture of Hand Lettering (Art Class)

Hand Lettering (Art Class)

A beginner's guide to modern calligraphy, brushwork scripts, and blackboard letter art
by Judy Broad, Archie Salandin and Michael Tilley
Arcturus Publishing

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Pub Date: 2018
Format: Paperback withcolor illus.
Pages: 256 pp.
Size: 9.75 x 8.75 inches

ISBN: 9781788286237
TB Code: 1906334
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Hand lettering is absolutely everywhere. From shop faades and menus to websites, invitations and birthday cards, the appeal of hand-drawn lettering is undeniable. So much so that, these days, top quality typography has become the expected market standard, rather than merely an optional flourish. So whether you want to design something for your business or website, present your product with eye-catching packaging, create a personalised gift for someone special, or simply make something decorative, Art Class: Hand Lettering gives you all the fundamentals to get started.Covering three distinct lettering crafts: modern calligraphy, brushwork lettering and blackboard letter art - each section is presented by an expert artist introducing you to their craft and includes plenty of space for you to practice each lettering techniques. With full alphabets for every typographic style, you have everything you need to produce your own letter art.