Picture of Carlo Valsecchi: Fruit & Vegetables (English and French Edition)

Carlo Valsecchi: Fruit & Vegetables (English and French Edition)

by Luca M. Barbero and Giuseppe Barbera
5 Continents Editions

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Pub Date: 2008
Format: Hardback
Pages: 349 pp.
Size: 11.25 x 9.75 inches

ISBN: 9788874394395
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From Chinese apples to Italian zucchini, this book presents an unexpected tour of the world. Starting from a fruit wholesaler in Northern Italy, Carlo Valsecchi embarked on a photographic journey that led him to catalogue over 160 varieties of fruit and vegetables. his straight and objective photographs offer an abstract yet colorful glimpse into a fascinating and tasty world.

This encyclopedic series of pictures is also a reflection on globalization, its effects on the circulation of goods, our diet and lifestyle. This book will appeal to gourmands and conceptual art buffs alike.

Text in English and Italian.