The Art of the Japanese Doll
by Alan Scott Pate
Tuttle Pub

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Pub Date: 2016
Format: Hardback with color illus.
Pages: 288 pp.
Size: 9.25 x 12.25 inches

ISBN: 9780804847353
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Japanese dolls (ningyo) have played an important role in Japanese art and culture since its earliest stages of development, as talismanic figures, centerpieces, in elaborate festivals, medical study tools, theater distractions, decorative objects, and avidly collected art forms, as well as childhood playthings. Ningyo: The Art of the Japanese Doll is the most comprehensive book on antique Japanese dolls and figurines published in English. The book focuses on the many types of Japanese dolls:•gosho: palace dolls

•hina: Girl's Day dolls

•musha: warrior dolls for the Boy's Day Festival

•isho: fashion dolls