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Picture of Valentine Volume 01

Valentine Volume 01

The Ice Death
by Alex De Campi
Image Comics

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Pub Date: 2012
Format: Paperback with color illus.
Pages: 352 pp.
Size: 5.00 x 7.50 inches

ISBN: 9781607066248
TB Code: 1910153
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1812. As the mightiest army in the world is pitilessly ground into dust by the Russian winter, two soldiers, lost in a blizzard, are given a package by a dying general. Suddenly the young soldiers find themselves hunted by relentless, blood-eyed monsters out of their worst childhood nightmares! For those tales of terror and legend told across the Earth all have a kernel of truth: humans are not alone. And these monsters, now stuck in a world whose magic has drained away, will do anything to go home. Pity the humans caught in their path!