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"A" Force

The Origins of British Deception During the Second World War
by Whitney T. Bendeck
Naval Inst Pr

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Pub Date: 2013
Format: Hardback with bw illus.
Pages: 259 pp.
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ISBN: 9781612512334
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"A" Force looks at how and why the British first employed deception in WWII. More specifically, it traces the development of the "A" Force organization - the first British organization to practice both tactical and strategic deception in the field. Formed in Cairo in 1941, "A" Force was headed by an unconventional colonel named Dudley Wrangel Clarke. Because there was no precedent for Clarke's "A" Force, it truly functioned on a trial-and-error basis. The learning curve was steep, but Clarke was up for the challenge. By the Battle of El Alamein, British deception had reach maturity, and it was there that the "deceptionists" established the blueprint later used by the London planners used to plan and execute Operation Bodyguard, the campaign to conceal Allied intentions regarding the D-day landing at Normandy.