Picture of Meine Ehre Heisst Treue

Meine Ehre Heisst Treue

Inside the Allgemeine SS, 1925-1945
by Ulric of England
Andrea Press

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Pub Date: 2012
Format: Hardback with bw & color illus.
Pages: 427 pp.
Size: 8.50 x 11.75 inches

ISBN: 9788496658332
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Meine Ehre Heisßt Treue explores the iconic artifacts, uniforms and insignia which underpinned the concept and philosophy behind Hitler’s Third Reich in general, and Himmler’s Allgemeine-SS in particular. Formed in 1925 as a personal protection unit for Adolf Hitler, while under the control of Himmler (1929-1945), the Allgemeine-SS grew from a small paramilitary group to one of the most powerful, complex organizations in the Third Reich.