Cargo from Fargo (Board Game)

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Pub Date: 2016
Format: Board Game
Size: 10.50 x 10.50 inches

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Cargo from Fargo is the cross-country air cargo delivery race with ups, downs, and plenty of turbulence! Race across the country picking up and delivering cargo, earning points as you go. You pick the routes. You fly the plane. Help yourself when you can. Frustrate the competition. It's simple really... so long as you don't mind unscheduled maintenance stops, headwinds, tailwinds, holding patterns, weather deviations, rescheduled routes, being grounded... oh, and the occasional alien encounter! Each player pilots his airplane around the USA picking up and delivering cargo between cities. Available cargo routes in play at any given time are displayed at the edge of the board. As routes are completed, players earn points and new routes become available. In addition to flying his plane, each player can play one action card on every turn. Some action cards can help you - "Tailwinds" give you an extra die roll, for example - or hinder an opponent in some way - "Refuel" forces an opponent to make an unexpected pit stop, for another example. Action cards are a good way for players to reel in an opponent that has gotten ahead of the pack - and a good way to ensure that all the pilots are in it until the very end. Pilots race to accumulate points and the first to hit the goal wins the game. Cargo From Fargo takes things to a fun new altitude!