Taisui Inuzuka: Florals Notecard Folio


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Pub Date: 2015
Format: Boxed
Pages: 10 notecards & 10 envelopes (2 designs, 5 of each)
Size: 6.00 x 7.25 inches

ISBN: 9780764971358
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Little is known about Taisui Inuzuka. A shin hanga, or “new prints,” artist of the early twentieth century, he created a series of five floral woodblock prints during a transitional time for Tokyo publisher Kawaguchi, which in 1931 split from a partnership with Sakai. These two images of dahlias and morning glories, part of Inuzuka’s series of five, bear the post-split Kawaguchi seals and exemplify the high quality the publisher was known for, both before and after the team parted ways.