Garmandon's Bad Guy Training Manual (LEGO Ninjago with minifigure)

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Format: Hardback
Size: 6.54 x 8.11 inches

ISBN: 9781338641646
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How come the good guys get to have all the fun?

It's the bad guys' turn! Join Garmadon as he takes you on a journey through the greatest villains in Ninjago.

From the Serpentine and Nindroids to the ninjas' newest foes, Unagami and Aspheera, any troublemaker worth knowing is in this hilarious, action-packed training manual.

Filled with tons of word puzzles and quizzes, this laugh-out-loud adventure brings new meaning to the phrase "it's good to be bad"!

full colour gift box with magnetic closing flap Comes with a Garmadon minifigure to build also includes a handbook and activity book