Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Book & Card Deck

50 Cards and Illustrated Book
by Joel Jessup

Arcturus Publishing

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Pub Date: 2023
Format: Boxed / Paperback
Pages: 128 w/ 50 Cards
Box Size: 7.40 x 4.72 inches

ISBN: 9781398823174
TB Code: 2204600
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Enter the evocative world of Victorian London and Sherlock Holmes with this entertaining card and book set, contained in a sleek lidded box. Sherlock Holmes has come into possession of a pack of cards that once belonged to his diabolical nemesis Professor Moriarty, but what secrets do they hide? Is his long believed dead antagonist back? Or is this all just a wild goose chase left behind by the Professor to torment the great detective?

Join Sherlock and his loyal companion Dr. John Watson as they attempt to solve the puzzles concealed within and discover what Moriarty has truly hidden inside. Each conundrum on the cards corresponds to a narrative puzzle in the book. You may attempt to solve the card alone or read the story to gain a hint or two to help you along the way. With mathematical mysteries, hidden messages, and all manner of clever conundrums to solve you'll need to hone your own powers of logic and deduction to solve the puzzles that wait within!

- A set of 50 cards
- A 128-page puzzle book

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