A. H. Shipman Bracket Saw Company: 1881 Catalog

by Early American Industry Association
Astragal Press

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Pub Date: 2002
Format: Paperback
Pages: 36
Size: 9.01 x 5.98 x 0.07 inches

ISBN: 9781931626279
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The Amateur Mechanic's Manual and Catalogue of Scroll Saws and Lathes is the actual title of this enlightening little catalog. Not only is this catalog filled with detailed information about the Shipman Products, but it is loaded with instructions, tips, and how-to-dos that every wood turner, carver and woodworker will find useful.

Includes tips for Fret sawing in metals, shell, pearl and ivory to the original sales detail on the Prize Holly Scroll Saw. Reprinted in 2002 in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Early American Industries Association.